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IMAGE REPUBLIC likes…. Images wich are different, strong and wich communicate… wich celebrate a certain era, instant, or make you think, smile, or remember… IMAGE REPUBLIC loves… pop culture icons, high-profite personalities, cut objects and labels, creative advertising, legendary TV series, emotional moments, some public demonstrations… A little of all of these makes up our collection, wich illustrates our passion better than words and defines the spirit of IMAGE REPUBLIC…

IMAGE REPUBLIC guarantees high-quality prints that are true to the original creation. We use fine paper which delivers top level prints : deep and dense blacks, pure whites, colours that are untainted and long-lasting. These acid-free materials protect the work from deterioration.

Keep the print in its envelope until it is framed. When unpacking it, ensure that your hand are clean and dry. Handle your print by holding it by the mount. Do not touch the photographic print directly with your fingers ; wear cotton gloves. Oops ! Too late ! Wipe away fingerprints, using a dry, soft cloth. Rub very gently. Do not expose the print to direct sunlight.